Chica Chic:  La Nueva Onda

Curator, The California Institute of Integral Studies


An exhibition produced for the California Institute of Integral Studies which showcased the work of five prominent Chicana visual artists from California – Mitsy Avila Ovalles, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Angelica Muro, Favianna Rodriguez and Shizu Saldamando.  In addition to works included at CIIS, the exhibition branched out into the public sphere with over 80 art based posters included in the San Francisco BART tunnels.

“ChicaChic is about stepping beyond the boundaries of identity.  It is about the fluidity of culture and the need for mutability in a fast paced, media saturated society.  The works exhibited both at CIIS and within the BART terminals presents a new generation of female artists who have often been labeled Chicana, Xicana, or Post Chicana. ChicaChic references this evolution, and the constant need to shift our perceptions of culture to create new formats for creating platforms to instigating dialogue on crucial community concerns.”

- curatorial text excerpt by Raquel de Anda